Enrollment is now open!

November 9th, 2017

A little over five months after the last participants of the previous study tour arrived back in the Netherlands, me, my six colleague committee members, and an unknown number of others were preparing for an interview with the board of Inter-Actief to see whether we’d become the next study tour committee. The fact that I am writing this right now means I luckily made the cut. The seven of us have been working very hard since medio June to prepare for the upcoming study tour. A lot has happened since then.

We started off by having multiple brainstorm sessions, some more successful than others. When presented with the unique opportunity of organising a study tour within Inter-Actief, the possibilities are endless. Within our field of interest, there are so many possible directions for the theme. And when you can literally choose any country on the world to visit, you realise that there are, in fact, quite a lot of countries to choose from. Through brainstorm sessions, meetings and a lot of research we were eventually able to narrow down the theme and the countries to a couple of good contestants. However, these were still spread over three continents! In the end we ended up with a destination and a theme we are all very excited about. As you probably already know because you’re on this website, we’re visiting South Korea and Japan in the fall of 2018, within the theme of cyber-physical infrastructure.

However, we haven’t just decided on a theme and destination. We have developed a corporate identity, including a logo, colours, presentation template and a website. We have made an awesome video for our theme and destination presentation and we have made a travel plan for the countries. Furthermore, we have brainstormed about possible cultural activities, compared several travel agencies and chosen one, went shopping for committee clothing, designed ties for the participants, started contacting companies for contract research assignments and started collaborating with lecturers at the university to develop the educational aspect of the study tour. And I’m probably forgetting a lot of stuff we have also done in the meantime.

Finally, and the subject of this blog post, is the fact that we have started the promotion for the study tour. This means you will see our facebook page, posters, business cards and our giant flag everywhere you go. Since our information lunch on the 1st of November, the enrollment period for participants has been open. You can enroll until the deadline on the 8th of December by following the procedure on the enrollment page. So don’t hesitate and enroll now for the best experience of your life!