Happy New Year!

January 9th, 2018

As you may have noticed from the happy buzz surrounding some people at the Inter-Actief New Year's Drink or their jovial social status updates, the participants that will join the study tour have been informed about their selection. However, a lot had to happen to make this a reality.

Firstly, every committee member spent the best part of their weekend to read, rank, reread and rerank all submitted application letters. Special thanks go to Wouter Kobes from the Inter-Actief board for anonymising these as quickly as he did in order to prepare them for the committee. After ranking the application letters, we tried to come up with specific interview questions for the letters where we deemed them necessary, and invited all the applicants to interviews. 

We then spent an entire week holed up in a small interview room in Ravelijn, where we interviewed each of the prospective participants. Having 7 committee members and one nervous interviewee in a single, badly ventilated room (seriously UT, step up your game!) does not bode well for the air quality. We managed to heat up the room by a full 4 degrees one day!

After this gruelling week we had our longest meeting yet, in order to decide the participants. And boy, that was not easy. At all. Some difficult decisions had to be made, but after all was said and done, we are very glad to announce that we have 28 highly motivated participants to accompany the 7 committee members on our study tour. We will soon arrange a photoshoot to get their faces on the website. 

Now, the fun can really start for the participants, who will soon start working on their theme course research assignments and really dive into the theme of the study tour. Furthermore, we will organise some fun team building activities to turn our diverse group of participants into a well-oiled team. 

As the committee, we will crack on with our jobs and work on getting all the contract research assignments sorted, ensuring smooth progress for the participants during the theme course, finalising contracts, setting up the study tour preparation course and, of course, arranging the company visits and cultural activities in South Korea and Japan. A lot of work lies ahead of us, but now that we have our participants, the road ahead is clear and we're very excited to make this study tour as unforgettable as possible.