Sneak Peek #4 - Kyoto

August 27th, 2018

After waking up well-rested after a night's stay in a Buddhist temple and with a stomach full of a traditional monk's breakfast, we will gather the group to, once again, embark on a day of travelling. We will travel to the beautiful city of Kyoto, which has been the seat of the emperor for over a thousand years, as it is the former capital of Japan.

Kyoto is still a city with a lot of ancient culture, even though it has been ravaged by wars. It was intended to be one of the targets of nuclear bombings during the second world war, but was spared as a secretary of war wanted to save the cultural center, as he knew it from his honeymoon and diplomatic visits. Luckily for us, as it means we have a beautiful city to explore during the study tour. Kyoto is our main cultural stop in Japan, and there will be few company visits and more time to explore the culture and history of Japan. Our first activity in Kyoto, the afternoon when we arrive, will be entirely focussed on exploring the city.

The next day, participants are free to explore Kyoto as they see fit. There is a lot to discover in Kyoto, but also a Formula 1 race nearby on that exact day. Those into the sport might see this as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience this motorsports spectacle, while the more culturally inclined can explore the most historic city we will visit during the study tour. However they participants choose to spend their day, they will be sure to enjoy it, as Kyoto has a lot to offer.

The next day, there is a visit planned, to Kyoto University. This university is very highly regarded, ranked 2nd in Japan, 2nd in Asia and 74th in the world. It has produced 17 Nobel Prize winners. During our visit, we will be presented some of their state-of-the-art research being conducted in one of their research labs. We will also get a tour through their 'historical gallery', and of course have the opportunity to meet professors and students, and ask them all about their high-pressure academic life in a country which puts a lot of emphasis on academic achievements.

After the visit to Kyoto university and a nice lunch, the study tour is already off to its final destination; Tokyo. Tokyo is the city where the tour will spend the most time out of any city, and while it's a bit sad we won't be able to spend enough time in Kyoto to really take in all of the history of this city, the insanity of Tokyo will soon wipe away that sadness. Read all about it in the final sneak peek next week.