We'll post announcements and updates on this page while we are working out the study tour. During our stay in South Korea and Japan, this page will contain daily blogs from participants.

Title Date
Sneak Peek #5 - Tokyo September 3rd, 2018
Sneak Peek #4 - Kyoto August 27th, 2018
Sneak Peek #3 - Osaka August 19th, 2018
Sneak Peek #2 - Busan August 12th, 2018
Sneak Peek #1 - Seoul August 6th, 2018
Japan Oppervlakking - by Arend Rensink April 11th, 2018
Tours and Teambuilding at Quintor March 29th, 2018
Cyber-Physical Infrastructure - What To Expect? March 21st, 2018
Destination Spotlight - Japan January 17th, 2018
Happy New Year! January 9th, 2018
Destination Spotlight - South Korea December 16th, 2017
Enrollment is now open! November 9th, 2017

Sneak Peek #2 - Busan

by Sytse on August 12th, 2018 in Blogs

In week 2 of the Study Tour Shift Sneak Peeks, we will take a look at what awaits the participants in our second and final destination of South Korea; Busan. 

Sneak Peek #1 - Seoul

by Sytse on August 6th, 2018 in Blogs

Study Tour Shift is drawing ever nearer. In fact, in less than seven weeks from now, we will already be in South Korea. The study tour participants have spent much of their time preparing for the study tour by doing their Theme Course research assignments and contract research assignments at various companies throughout the Netherlands. However, while they have spent a lot of time preparing for the study tour, they don’t really have an idea of what exactly they will be experiencing during those three weeks abroad. In that light, we have decided to give five sneak peeks into each of the five cities that we will be visiting during the study tour, chronologically. 

In the first week of these sneak peeks, we will shed some light on the activities that will be undertaken while we are in the first destination; Seoul. 

Japan Oppervlakking - by Arend Rensink

on April 11th, 2018 in Blogs

The following blog was written in Dutch by Arend Rensink, a professor in Computer Science at the University of Twente and published on October 8th, 2017, after one of his visits to Japan. The original, including illustrations accompanying the text, can be found on Arend's blog at this link. The blog is a direct copy and, as such, is in Dutch.